VALERY JOSEPH’S groundbreaking hair care line celebrates the beauty of gorgeous long tresses. The tall rectangular forms and minimalist closures accentuate the custom illustrated hair textures that twist and wrap around the bottle form from top to bottom. We used a specialty application technique in order to accomplish this very difficult challenge.

WHIPSMART teamed with TRU FRAGRANCE in order to develop a sport-inspired package for their BKE SPORT fragrance line. The ergonomic bottle and simple spray-through cap are designed for active men on the go.

ORIBE HAIR CARE, BUERO NEW YORK and WHIPSMART teamed to develop the package for ORIBE’S GOLD LUST NOURISHING HAIR OIL. The opaque, ultra-glossy black ombre spray and crystal-faceted detailing create a visually stunning, opulent canvas for ORIBE’S highly successful and sought after treatment oil.

CASWELL-MASSEY, “America’s oldest apothecary,” restaged their signature line of body lotions, bar and hand soaps and fragrances. Collaborating with CHAD LAVIGNE, LLC and WHIPSMART, the custom molded packages use subtle visual elements in order to establish a fine balance between modernism and heritage.

ANDRE WALKER, DIANE HUDSON, BRAD JONES and WHIPSMART teamed to develop the packaging for his GOLD SYSTEM series of shampoo, conditioner and masks. The 24-karat gold colored forms imitate gold bullion when stacked on store shelves. The fast-growing brand is available on-line and at specialty retailers.

Adam Levine, ID Perfumes and WHIPSMART created the microphone-inspired packages for his eponymous “FOR HER” and “FOR HIM” fragrances. The mesh wrapped microphone overcap is an applause-worthy achievement in technical engineering. Noted!